Monday, January 11, 2010


As I was driving home from bringing Makenzie to school this afternoon I was cursing all of the parents that love to park in and around the Handicapped parking spaces at the school. I just can't wrap my head around why people do that! Big pet peeve! There are 2 whole spaces for the whole school.

I was trying to figure out why this issue sets me off so quickly. I don't know that there is an exact answer to this but my general feeling is that I would LOVE not to need that space! I would LOVE for people to understand that it is not just a close spot to park but instead a true need for many disabled people. It is not a privilege. It is a necessity! Ok rant is over!!! LOL

When I got home I got a call from Miracle Flights. This organization has flown Makenzie and I to most all of her out of state therapies free of charge! The woman asked me how Makenzie was doing. Then she began to explain that in this economy non profits are really struggling. She explained to me that Sam' Club and Walmart were really stepping up to the plate and donating to their organization.

As she was talking I was wondering why she was telling me all this. I was secretly hoping that she wasn't going to ask for a donation because I just can't. Then she asked me if I could do her a favor....

She proceeded to tell me that the Sam's near my house had a check waiting for them and wanted to know if I would go pick it up! SURE!!! I would be HONORED!!!

Now you all are probably asking yourselves why that is such a big deal. Well it is... to me... because I can't donate.. I cant give back.... but I sure can go sign for a check! That is something that I can do! SMALL but very meaningful that they would think to call and ask me!

I have also continued my research on the ABM method. I wanted to share part of a comment I received from a mother that writes about her sons story here

"Anat, she's miraculous! I can never say enough about her and ABM. Near and very dear to my heart. A true phenomenon!

Definitely not an overnight fix. Logan has been doing ABM since September last year and we haven't skipped a beat since. We will continue to go until his donation account is depleted. Of all Logan's years of therapy, ABM has been the one to provide us with amazing results. Miracles upon miracles! It's so worth it.

I do believe ;)"

Makenzie has also continues to do VERY well! I got another great report from school that Makenzie did amazing. She is loving to color and today decided that her hand should be ORANGE! She is also "talking" a ton! Makenzie is moving a ton and even followng some physical movement requests to a degree I have never seen. I LOVE IT!!!

I hope Miracle Flights is ready for us! We will be taking off soon!!! LOL!!! Anat Baniel here we come!

So aside from my rant about parking, today was a great day! I feel blessed!
Keep praying! Believe... Prayer Works!


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