Monday, January 4, 2010

My Soundly Sleeping Opinionated Princess

The holidays are officially over! The kids went back to school today!!!!

The house was so quiet!

Now life really gets back to normal and all of the things I have putting of need to get done! Fun stuff!!!

Makenzie had a pretty good day. She started by waking me up at 5am! She was a real momma girl today and didn't want anything with me walking away from her! It really is soooo cute! She is becoming so opinionated these days about EVERYTHING!

Miss Princess never likes to have her hair done. Our twice daily ritual of hair brushing, and pig tail making usually involves crying, coughing, the boys jumping up and down to get her attention off of the torture at hand, arching, head turning and of course breath holding. Well for the last couple of days she has also been sliding down out of my lap, putting her feet on the floor, and rolling over to try to get away from me! LOL!!! What a little 4 year old she has become! My girl amazes me EVERY day!

The other new and wonderful thing she has been doing lately is going to sleep all by herself! First of all this is a wonderful sign of brain healing and the ability to soothe herself. Second this makes my life so much easier! Typically, I have to get in bed with her sing her the nightly rendition of Jesus Loves Me, then I lay her down, and have to lay with her until she falls asleep. This is when I usually fall asleep as well, waking up 2 hours ish later to a beeping pump, and refreshed until the wee hours of the morning!

I have tried leaving in the past and she would just cry and cry until I crawled back into bed with her ..... that is until recently! It is great!

Now it is cuddles, Jesus Love Me, and about 5 mins of laying with her, then I am up, and she may fuss for a bit and falls fast asleep! So nice!!!

With that being said and the fact that I did not get my early evening I am going to hit the hay!

As always please keep praying!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


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