Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mario Bro's!

Do you remember Mario Bro's? My personal favorite was Mario 3 for the Super Nintendo. Right along with Techmo Bowl, Pro Am, Zelda, Castlevania, and many others!

I remember when we got our first Nintendo. My brother and I had to save up for half and my parents paid for the other half. I still recall the day we went to the store and bought it! I also remember having Techmo Bowl tourneys with my neighbors in the back bedroom of their house! Fun times!

Today I get to play these games with my kids. They got the new Mario Bro's for the Wii at Christmas. They love it! I am so happy to see the classics still win out!

No of course you can do many new things and the shaking the controller to pick stuff up and fly still has me a bit discombobulated but none the less still fun!

Tonight I found myself on the couch, kids in bed, playing Mario Bro's all by myself! Scary!!! At about world 2-4 I finally gave up! Not as good as I used to be! Oh well, it was still fun!

Technology has come so far in so many different ways! If you want a tube tv you might find one of those at the pawn shop but you sure won't find one at Best Buy! Laptops are common place with the desktop becoming almost obsolete. A track.. what the heck is that! Now we talk in Blue Rays! Floppy Disk... hmmmmmm..... Try USB! We have bluetooth, wireless printers, smart phones, text messaging, and all the long distance your little heart desires!

Even in the last 3 years of Makenzie's recovery this has also become so true! When we first began even after all of the research I did for five and a half weeks in the hospital we came up with 2 things.... Traditional Therapy.. PT, OT, and Speech, and HBOT. Since then there has become so many more therapies that have showed true promise! Stem Cells, sensory learning, Tomatis, hippo therapy, water therapy, suit therapy with IMOT, DAN protocol, G therapy, ABM, RDI, Conductive Education, oralfacial myology, supplementation, and a few I am sure I have forgotten.

How as a parent do you choose where to spend money and time. How do you decide what will work and what is a waste? The answer to that..... God.

Everything that has therapy attached to it cost tons of money! Nothing that has ever really help Makenzie is ever covered by insurance.

After 3 years we are still trying new things. We have also found a few that really work.

As the new year gets into full swing I am so thank full for this technology! I am getting excited to try some old again and try some new with God's leading!

I am so thankful that technology advancements are in so many more areas then just electronics! God is so good! God will provide! God is the great healer!

Today after our last ABM session we were talking about where we go from her with this new therapy. As we were talking Makenzie was bridging her hip and rolling a bit to the side. Josh was laying next to her and Andrew told her to bridge and poke him in the eye. About 2 seconds later she did just that... right in the eye! The best part was that she giggled about it! She knew! Those arms are waking up! YEAH!

I think this therapy has made a big difference in a very short period of time! Where we go from here is to CA. When that will happen is the unknown. For now we will continue here.

Believe... Prayer works!!!


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