Thursday, January 21, 2010


Did you know that grass is purple?

I am pretty intelligent person... I did make it through grade school and know my colors very well! That being said I am here to tell you, Grass is purple. You would be crazy not to just believe me, right?

Wrong, any sensible person knows that statement is just not true. I am guessing that you will not ponder for one second whether or not I am right. It will not change what you think about the true color of grass.

Why then do parents of special needs children so often let what a doctor or therapist tells them about their child steal away what they believe and know? Why do we let negative thoughts implying that our children won't get better or will be nothing in life penetrate our soul?

How do they know? Yes they are smart. Yes they have gone to like 20 years of school. Yes they are people in the position of trust. However, they really don't know for sure, anything they ever say is actually true. They do not have a crystal ball, nor a fast forward button. They use their God given gift of understanding science and medicine but are not God.

I remember when Makenzie was in a coma in the PICU after her accident. I remember all of the negative thoughts and comments that flew around the room like a constant gail force wind.

I remember praying with my head buried in Makenzie's side, asking God to give me a sign that Makenzie was going to be ok.

I remember her moving her arms and legs just seconds later. Something she hadn't done in days and wouldn't do again for many more.

I remember in that moment thinking about what the doctors were saying. I realized in that moment, it didn't matter what they thought. I knew she would be ok.

From that day on, I made it clear to all how I believed. I made sure anyone that cared for or visited Makenzie believed the same thing.

As I walked down the hall to our final Care Conference the day Makenzie was discharged I knew I had made it very clear that I had no interest in any type of opinion other then hope and healing. We talked about meds and her feeding schedule. They gave me prescriptions for therapy and I left with Makenzie on my hip ready to begin our journey to healing from inside the walls of her own home. Surrounded by the ones who loved and believed in her!

Today Makenzie is a bright, beaming little girl with the most contagious laugh and smile you will ever see. She has surpassed ALL of the doctors predictions. She has touched more hearts in her short life then most do in an entire lifetime. She continues to heal and is just a delightful little girl.

I can't wait to see the healing in store for the future! She is more then OK and I know with every day she will continue to get even better. No one or thing can steal that from me! I continue to stand in God's Hope and Grace! Stand with me! Believe!


Anonymous said...

OH YEAH GIRLFRIEND!!! You know I am right there with ya!! Same story, same attitude, we will get there!!! Your blog was right on, and was exactly how I feel/felt with Izak. I pray and HOPE that others that read it get your "message", because it speaks volumes. If you don't have HOPE and BELIEVE, if your feel defeated, you will be. How many times have we talked about that ;-) We love you!!! God Bless,,
Izak's mommy

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