Friday, January 1, 2010


What a start to 2010!

A good friend of mine called me on wends and asked what we were doing on New years eve. After talking for a bit about how we could work things out with the kids and hitting one wall after the next we hung up.

The next morning I got a FB message.

2 rooms downtown, right on the mall, bring all the kids! I was so excited! We have not done anything on this night for a long time!

It never is a huge deal because I truly think the partying is over rated most of the time but I couldn't wait to go and do something with the kids, be with a great friend and her family, and just let loose for a while!

Fun would be an understatement!

The boys were so excited to get to stay in a hotel.... let alone a 4 star one, right in the middle of downtown!

We got down there after having dinner with my mom, dad, brother and sister in law. Bundled Makenzie up, and headed out to get a second round of dinner and dessert!

We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe. Great food, great company!

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While we were eating they started the first round of fireworks! I knew that Makenzie would not make it to the send round at midnight so we ran out to watch the fireworks!

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She LOVED them! The great part was that for the first time since her accident she looked up and found them in the sky!!! She has a hard time tracking up but ever since the stem cells she has been doing better and this just solidified the improvement! She also loved the noise! The louder the bang the bigger she smiled! Beautiful!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and the boys hung out in Susan and Shawn's room while I put Makenzie to bed. She was overstimulated and didn't want anything to do with going to bed but she finally gave in and slept GREAT for the rest of the night!

After many laps around the floor we were staying on and light saber wars we took the kids down to the street and rang in the new year with a great fire work show! Once again... thanks Shawn for hanging out with Makenzie so I could do that with the boys!

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Us adults had some bubbly and socialized a bit with some party goers across the hall and then about 2am I finally landed on my pillow!!!

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Here is Josh getting paid for finding the cork to the champain! They loved the POP and asked if Shawn could do it again! LOL

We had breakfast and then headed home!


We had our 7th session of AMB this afternoon and some amazing things happened! Makenzie started to bridge her back! Now this may seem small but really it is HUGE! She was doing it we very little effort and was so proud of herself! Once again this is HUGE!!!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE!!! I am so proud and so thankful!!!

I talked to my mom this evening. They made it to SD to see my grandparents. She said that my grandma was doing better. She had stopped vomiting and they where looking into a rehab facility to transfer her too. My grandpa on the other hand is struggling a bit more. He is still really out of it, his legs a VERY swollen, they have detected some small blood clots in his legs, and this morning her had a fever! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for him! This is going to be a VERY long road to recovery for him and every prayer helps!


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