Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everyday Miracles!

Miracles happen every day!
Here are 2 pictures of the car that my grandma and grandpa were cut out of last week. I cried when I saw these picture today because I find it to be miraculous that any one lived through that! God is so good!

My grandma was transferred to a rehab facility today and that seemed to go well! My grandpa continues to recover in the ICU. He has developed a touch of pneumonia and tonight after a CT scan revealed internal bleeding he was brought into the OR to find out what was going on. They found a tear in his colon that was unrelated to the accident. Please pray! Pray that he can move forward with no more set backs! Pray that he feels God's comforting hand on his broken body! Pray for peace to come over my grandma while they are apart! JUST PRAY!!!!

Makenzie had a great day! I am noticing little changes every day. She is very loose, she is babbling a lot, she has found a new emotion... whiny! LOL!! She has been protesting anyone leaving her... including her brothers. She has been laying on her back a lot instead of curled up in a ball. She has been sleeping more relaxed and she has been more interactive.

He teachers said she had a great day today! She drew this picture all by herself! The orange was done by one of her friends... the rest was all Makenzie! I was also told that she participated a ton more with her peers in class! Go Makenzie!

I have done a lot of research on the ABM method in the last few days. I have contacted their main offices, watched about 5 hours of a 10 hour works shop, and watched the changes in Makenzie over the last week or so. My conclusion.... I believe it is a viable treatment. We plan on continuing with the practitioner here and then in March traveling to CA to meet Anat Baniel to have her work with Makenzie and Andrew so that he can better help Makenzie from home. That is the tentative plan anyways! Then I will have to decide if we will go back to The NAPA Center after we do Stem Cells or if we will substitute ABM. Please pray that God would make this decision clear to me. It is a huge one!

Another good day is getting ready to begin! Believe!


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