Friday, January 22, 2010


It is so heartbreaking to see your children disappointed.

Tonight I sat and listened to my youngest son try to explain to me why it would be ok to go to a birthday party he wasn't invited to. His brother was.... he wasn't. As Josh got into his friends car and drove away Kaleb began to sob. Big huge alligator tears.

Nothing I said made him feel any better. He just cried and cried still trying to convince me that he could go. After a while he stopped and found peace playing with his sister and on the computer.

I find it very interesting to see my child learn disappointment and injustice at such a young age. I am sure when I was his age I was learning the same thing.

If only the disappointments in our lives stayed so simple. It is amazing how even at 8 years old, time was the only thing that healed his soul.

I know that in my life I have experienced much disappointment, injustice, and plenty of times when nothing seemed fair. Why is it exactly that bad things happen to good people? I think we all would love a concrete answer to that question!

There are plenty of cliche's such as "God doesn't give you more then you can handle", that attempt to answer the question. While some of them may hold some truth they are never terribly comforting.

I thought for a long time after March 25th 2007 that I would never feel happy again. That my life would always be a train wreck. That things would never get any better.

However, with time, God's comfort and hope, and all of your unending prayers and support, the smiles come easy again, laughter resounds, and wonderful days like today are once again possible! Thank You!

Makenzie had another great day!! I got some great video of one of her AMB sessions! She is learning so much! Her body feels so good. All of the disappointment in life just fades away when I see her so incredibly healthy and happy!

Enjoy! (watch for the arch in her lower back..when her bottom comes off the ground... over and over again! She didn't have that before we started ABM!)


Shauna Quintero said...

Pam, you're resilient.

Her laugh is infectious.

John said...

How wonderful to see the beautiful work that practitioner is doing. Please keep in mind that as miraculous as the ABM is, it's only as good as the person doing the work. Who is that person and why is there no mention of his name. I know who he is, for he is my kin, my brother to be sure. Please giver credit where credit is due and all the best, John (brother of Andrew) Tarr

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