Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Miracle's

Today was a good day. Lazy but good!

Makenzie started out the day a bit tight. She was very flexed and uncomfortable.

However, as the day rolled on she got much better. I have been having a great time just sitting and watching her move. She is moving so much more when on the floor. She is not as curled up. She is rolling a ton. Mostly on and off her stomach to her side. Yesterday she wiggled herself in a complete circle. GREAT Stuff!!!

She also played with her piano for a while today. She just loves that thing! She has gotten really good at pushing the key and making in play! I am still in awe of her desire to WANT to play with it not just being entertained when I play it for her! AMAZING!

Makenzie is also making some amazing sounds including getting really good at the art of whining! Makenzie is very good at happy and sad but this middle emotion has been great!

Makenzie shared some yogurt with me this afternoon and she loved it. She really loved sharing with me and just smiled every time I took at bite and then would coo and open up her mouth for another bite!

So for a day that started out a bit rocky we had a really good day over all!!!

Sorry that was so short sweet and to the point but I have so much on my mind right now. I have been watching videos and reading articles for the last 2 hours and have learned a lot but my mind is a bit tired. I am ready to stop thinking for tonight and rest my eyes.

We have a very full week filled with school, therapy, ABM, and a doctors appointment. Please pray for healing!


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