Wednesday, January 27, 2010

California Bound!

I had no idea that it was supposed to snow tonight! I looked out my window a bit ago and there it was.... snow. Crap!

Clearly I have been too busy. I don't really stay up to date on current events or the weather apparently! Sometimes I just feel like I live in my own little world!

Today, my own little world was good. Makenzie had another great day at school and did well in therapy.

The big news for the day:

We got a spot for intensive lessons at the ABM center either the first or the last week of March. Yeah God! I am so excited!

When I first talked to the staff there earlier this month, I was told that there was NO way that we would get a spot. There was already more requests then there were spots and it was based a first come first serve system. Lets just say I was defiantly not first!

As hard as it was I left it in God's hands. Yes, I did call and follow up.... several times. I did advocate for Makenzie but it was in His hands... there was nothing I go do. ( I did try bribery but even that didn't work! LOL... Just kidding!) Today God opened a door. Thank You for all of the prayers! Please pray that God would bless this trip and give Anat and her staff insight and understanding on what Makenzie needs to heal!

Tomorrow Makenzie has an appointment to have her GJ tube replaced. She will need general anesthesia. It is all of 15 min but it is still hard! The last 2 times Makenzie has spent 1 plus hours crying while trying to wake up. That is the hardest part! PLEASE PRAY!!! Pray for safely,peace and that God would calm Makenzie after the procedure.

I am going to bed... busy day tomorrow!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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