Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brotherly Love

Does any one know the scientific reasoning behind why when a person doesn't do much you get so dang tired?

I am so dang tired! I have no clue why!

Two of my boys went up to the cabin with my mom and dad. The lucky ducks got to go skiing today and I am sure they had a great time! I talked to my mom a bit ago and they were getting ready to take some pictures and head home. I can't wait to hear all about it! I am so blessed that my kids have such great grandparents!

SO that left Makenzie, Kaleb, and me to hang out all day. I have done a bit of cleaning and laundry but that is about it. I feel so lazy but deep inside I know that I NEED days like this.

Makenzie has been laying on the floor watching Kaleb play video games for about an hour now. It is so cute to watch. Kaleb is so animated with his sound effects. Makenzie loves it! She is down there just a kicking and a laughing!

It is great to see her moving so much. She does great on her back and right side. When she gets over to her left side she gets stuck, curls in a ball and gives up. So I go down an flip her over and off to the races she goes!

I have never really just left her on the floor like that before. I have this guilt complex around not holding her, positioning her, moving her, entertaining her, and helping her. However, she is having so much fun that I have almost been holing myself in my room and just peeking as not to interrupt all of the movement and fun she is having with her brother. She has also managed to move all the way across the room about three times. I have no clue how because of course she wont do it while I am standing there. STINKER!

Sometimes I feel like I make my daughter lazy. The second I am there she is helpless. She doesn't move like that for me. But today I am spying on her! HEHEHE! I can see you Makenzie! I have not seen any stomach action but that is OK! It will come! Makenzie just loves her brothers! So much fun!

I don't know what I would do with out my boys! They are such good kids and so helpful! Makenzie adores them. They are so much a part of her healing! To watch them together is breathtaking. My heart is so full!

From the day each of my precious kids were born they came blazing right into my heart.... they are so amazing!


Karl and Carla Minor said...

Yes, you deserve every lazy day you can take. Stop thinking about it and enjoy it! :-)

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