Friday, January 15, 2010


Makenzie was a bit tight today. Not sure why. She did did a great job in PT today reach for a toy and rolling it to make it play music. She has gotten great at doing it on a 1,2,3, GO! It is so cute! She just looks at you and smiles until you get to GO and then pulls her hand down!

She also was able to reach for a toy today while on the floor! I walked out of the room and heard it playing! I snuck to the doorway to watch and she did it again! Go Makenzie!

She didn't do so well in Speech but it was later in the afternoon and Makenzie seemed a bit tired.

For the last 3 years I have always wondered why.

Why did this happen? Why is everything such a battle? Why me? Just plain ole' WHY?

I know that God has a plan, but what does he want from me? I know that he is using Makenzie and this family for his glory. I get that. What I have had a hard time doing is putting my thoughts on the whole experience into words.

Yesterday as I was reading a friends blog I was overcome because there it was... my thoughts in words! AMAZING!

Heather is an AMAZING mom to a little girl named Samantha. She is also an AMAZING writer and has even had an essay published in the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul; Count You Blessings. You can find her blog here!

For me... other then the Karma she nailed it perfectly!

Here is what she wrote:

"When Samantha got sick, I used to comment that we must have done something in a past life to anger the Karma gods. . I would think, why us? Where was God in the ICU?

And then I discovered that God was not in the seizures or the sickness, not in the sadness. God was in what we discovered from our hard times; the people in our lives, the amazing doctors, the ability to tell our story, our fight for Samantha and others. God was in our ability to keep loving and be loved."

I see God in so many places I never would have found Him before. I see his blessings to us and those around us. I see Him in all of the therapies we have tried and all of the challenges that we face. Through each and every trial I have learned a little bit more and have become a stronger woman and child of Christ. As Heather wrote so beautifully God is not in the sickness (brain damage) but in all of the beauty it has brought to our lives!

"For the LORD God is our light and protector. He gives us grace and glory. No good thing will the LORD withhold from those who do what is right. O LORD Almighty, happy are those who trust in you." (Psalm 84:11-12, NLT)

Thank you all for loving us and letting us love you! Thanks for all of the prayers and support! Keep Praying!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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