Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 In Very Short Review!

I have seen this done a few different places and a few different ways but I thought I would play along! Here is a short quote or two from each month of the last year. It was a busy year but we made it and it was fun to go back and read and reflect on all of the many things we did and experienced in 2009!

January- "Makenzie, are you going to take the tape off?" I asked. She looked at me and smiled and proceeded to rip the tape all of the way off of her arm and hand, fingers and thumb!!!!!!!!!

February- Tonight was another adventure! The boys went over to grandma and grandpa house. Just after they left I went to pick Makenzie up and had my knee on her tubing.... out came the front of the button used to feed her!!!!! So instead of going to PF Changs for dinner we ended up with Good Times on the way to the ER!

March-Last night as I was putting her to bed we sang our songs, and I looked at her and asked her to say "mama" guess what..... she did!!! Plain as day! Now of course she wouldn't do it again but once it great!!!!

April- There is so much more about this that is SOOO great! I just don't know how to put it into words! I have been in tears (of joy) on and off all day! After 2 years of not being able to know fully what Makenzie wants, today for the first time she got to choose.... and she did! Monkeys, Monkeys, and MORE MONKEYS!!!!!! To see that was something I just can't even begin to put into words!!!!

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May- TEARS!!!! LOTS AND LOTS of TEARS!!! I have waited 2 years for this moment!

June- Monday we were blessed to meet some wonderful people that I have been talking to on the internt!! They have been faithfully praying for Makenzie for the last 2 years and I was SOOOO honored to finally get to see them face to face!!! Although to short we had a GREAT time and their visit was PRICELESS!!! Thank you queenmimi and family!!! That meant so much to me!!!


Makenzie has learned how to throw a mean temper tantrum!!!

July- I don't care how pretend Disney is.... It was MAGIC... real magic for my family!!! THANK YOU MOM AND DAD for this trip!!! I don't think anything will ever top it!!!

Makenzie had her first Stem Cell injection. It went very well! She didn't think that it was so much fun as they had to remove the tape and wrap to get to the port or that they held her leg so she wouldn't rip the IV out of her foot! However we got it done!!!

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Aug- This was the 4th annual Skate for the Cause Event. Ian's parent's have started a non profit organization that gives out scholarships to College Freshman. They also have this skate event that benefits a local charity. This year they chose to donate all of the money raised to Makenzie for her ongoing therapy!!! WOW!!!

Sept- The NAPA Center is AMAZING!!! We only have one day left! I am tired! I feel like I am getting a cold and I miss my kids but I am so sad at the same time that it is time to go!!! I am having a really hard time putting my feelings into words right now and I don't think I am even going to try.

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October-She ate like a champ! I got about 2 oz in her between home and school today! That may seem like a small amount but for Makenzie it is HUGE!!

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November- Makenzie got a package today that had her very own TALKER inside!!!!

December- I saw that today when I found my daughter on the opposite side of the room I had layed her down in and under an end table . Yes, she rolled there all by herself and yes I did ask the boys who moved her. All of them told me that she did it herself.

We have had plenty of ups and also plenty of downs. We however made it another year no worse for the wear.

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As this family moves into 2010 I have much hope for this new year!


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