Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 down ... who knows how many to go!

I feel like I spent the whole day in the car! What should have been a 30 minute drive downtown took over an hour because of an accident. Then on the way home I had to go out of the way to find a Whole Foods...otherwise know as Whole Paycheck... to get Makenzie food and then to my moms to pick up the boys and then finally home!

I am tired and cranky!

Makenzie finished her second intensive ABM session. She did so well! I am so excited about what Makenzie has learned this week. Her hips are so loose. Her arms have come away from her chest a bunch. Today she reached above her head a few times while on her back. She was able to touch the back of her leg and bottom with her hand without any straining. She is still bridging her hips. Her spine looks much straighter and she is standing so tall!

Today at the end of our session I asked her to get off the table and she did. She found the floor, put her feet flat and stood straight up. I let go for a few seconds and she continued to stand. AMAZING!!!

I am so thankful for all of Makenzie's therapists! Without ALL of them she would not be where she is today!!

I have not heard back from the ABM center about the March session yet. Please keep praying that Makenzie will get in! I would really like to see Anat soon! Of course we will continue to work with Andrew here as well! He is so good with Makenzie! I hope to get Makenzie to him 4-5 times next week and to start another intensive the week after! I am so excited!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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