Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have Special Needs

Sometimes having a child with special needs can be lonely. It is hard to relate to people because life is so different. Not bad but different.

I have been SO blessed to have a great support group of parents that also have kids with needs VERY similar to Makenzie's. The cool thing is most of them also have older kids about the same ages as my boys!

It has taken almost 3 years but I know I can pick up the phone at anytime and there will be someone to vent to, cry to, or share a miracle with and they all know how big each and every event is big or small! They know how hard this is! They understand my priorities and their eyes never roll when I talk about my next therapy venture. THEY UNDERSTAND!!!! Thank you, Julie, Dan, Jami, Mary, Shauna, Whitney, Kahne, Jenni, Michelle, Susan, Mandie, Erica, Kelly, Jennifer, Jodie, Lindsey, Christine, Cindy, Caradie, Deanna, Sandy, Deb, Jenny, Naomi, Stacey, Lynette, Meredith, Lisa, and Stacey! That list has gotten LONG!!! I LOVE IT! I am so thankful for each and EVERY one you!

Meeting all of these people have been the very best part of this journey!

In the beginning I was ALONE, far away from home without my family or anyone else for more weeks then I care to count! Just me and Makenzie at the Ronald McDonald House, ALONE! Not any more! The end to being ALONE was meeting my friend Michelle in AZ! Now all of the therapy trips that are in the works are with FRIENDS!!! So no more ALONE!! It feels so good! BLESSED!!

Ok, sorry for being so sappy! I am done! Just feeling very thankful tonight!

Below is a segment that aired on The Today Show this morning! It is really pretty good! Very encouraging! The points that stood out to me were about the benefits of repetition (IMOT), The benefits of therapy and lots of it at a young age, and of course the talk about stem cells at the very end. Watch it!

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My mom is going in tomorrow afternoon for the doctor to tell her the results of the MRI and to formulate a plan! PLEASE PRAY!!!! Pray for good news! Pray for peace! PRAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

I just wanted to say hi. I am the CareFlight doctor in Sydney Australia who wrote the article in the paper last week. I wrote it at the end of last summer as we had been to so many drownings, and gave it to the paper last month hoping that it might do something to help prevent more drownings this season. The mother whose child this article was written about must follow the blogs of other children and mentioned that a few had included my article on their site.

I read through your blog and it is great to see that Makenzie is making progress. I realize that Makenzie suffered a choking episode rather than a near-drowning, but the consequences are much the same. It is a tough journey that you are on, and you have my total respect. As a parent myself I can't imagine anything more difficult, nor anything mor eoimportant. Your blog also gives much needed hope to the parents of other children who are just starting to walk your path, and for who the future looks hopeless.

Take care, and I will continue to follow Makenzies Miracle


Steve Walker

Shauna Quintero said...

Oh, Pam, it is YOU that has been a lifeline for me.

Praying for your mom!

Stacey (Luke's Mom) said...

We are so thankful for you too:)


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