Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We had a typical day busied with therapy, a meeting, phone calls, errands, and finally bed!!! Makenzie was exhausted! Her poore little eyes were so red but about 4:30pm. I conceded to a slightly early bedtime and she was asleep in less then 10 minutes! hope she doesn't get up too early!

I am getting so excited for Christmas to come! To be able to spend time with family! To truly thank God for sending his son to be born in a manger. To have the gift of knowing that even when life is tough that God is right here! To continue to witness the blessings he pours out on this family!

There are presents under the tree. A huge thank you goes out to Granny and Pawpaw, Moreene and her small group, and my work for a nice Christmas bonus. Blessings! Thank you also to Karl and family, Mary and family, and Jim, family and your small group for all of your resent generosity even at Christmas time!!!

This Christmas I think my biggest gift is the life of my children. Coming in a close second would be ALL of you! I have never been alone! For that I am thankful! Thankful that you all continue to surround my family with love, support, prayers, food, and monetary gifts that have allowed Makenzie to receive much NEEDED therapy!!! I am FOREVER grateful!!!

If you have been part of our support system in ANY way, I would love to send you a Christmas/New years/Thank You Card! All I need is a name and address! We got really great pictures done a few weeks ago and I would love to share!!!

I am not very good at getting cards of any kind out but I am committed to try REALLY hard this year! Please know that nothing anyone has done for us has gone unnoticed! NOTHING!!! Thank You!

Tomorrow is yet another busy day filled with therapy and a postponed trip to the movies! We just didn't have enough time today! Tomorrow I will MAKE time!!! Time to concentrate on my kids! Time to spend together! TIME!!!! (the greatest gift of all!)



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