Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There are only 3 words tonight that could summarize my day:


Thank You all for the prayers. Our meeting went GREAT! Looks like God's hand continues to move us in the right direction and closer to our dreams.I am sure it will not be long before I can share all of the wonderful juicy details, but for tonight, Thank you for praying!

My throat is killing me! I am guessing... because that is all I can do.... that Makenzie's throat doesn't feel much better. I tried to squeeze a doctors visit into the day but it just didn't work out! By the afternoon when I could have driven all the way back across town I was just to tired!

I think it is ok because Makenzie was great today. She was a bit tired and her nose is still running but no fever, and she is in a good mood so tomorrow it will be. In between 2 therapies and maybe school depending on what doctor says.

The boys have been giving me a run for my money lately. So much fighting! I am sure it is partly because they have been stuck inside at school and at home for almost 2 weeks because of the sub zero temperatures. I feel like a bad mom, but I know that this too will pass! I have made stand...hehehe....and had all of my kids in bed by 7pm for the last 2 out of 3 nights. I am sure because I have really smart kids and know soon, they will get that they should not test me, I am serious! When I sent them to bed early this evening my oldest son asked me why I couldn't come up with a different consequence for fighting. I looked at him while chuckling inside and very sternly told him, "honestly son because this works! Maybe you should stop fighting if you didn't like it!" Giggle! Kids!

I am exhausted! I am going to ignore the pile of laundry... I am sorry to report that the laundry fairy did not come last night... and now I just plain don't feel good so it will just have to wait! I am 100% sure it will still be there in the morning!

We have therapy bright and early again so I am going to send myself to bed early tonight even though I haven't fought with anyone LOL!! Oh if they only knew how great sleep truly is! Keep praying! Big stuff happening around here!


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