Monday, December 21, 2009

Strong Opinions

I have officially finished my Christmas shopping! Yippie!!!

Makenzie did GREAT in therapy this morning! Her tummy seems to be feeling much better and she was a ton looser today!

The boys had some friends over this afternoon and it was really nice outside so they played on the trampoline for a long time. Makenzie and I went outside for a while and she LOVED it! We bounced and giggled for a long time!

When it was time to get off the trampoline and go inside Makenzie had a different plan! The second we hit the deck she started just a wailing! I asked her if she wanted to stay outside and play and she looked at me. Still crying I told her that if she wanted to stay outside she needed to stop crying. Guess what?.... the water works STOPPED immediately!!!

I have been noticing that Makenzie's little personality has been changing a ton lately. She has had so much more of an opinion about everything! It has been sooooo much fun!

When she expressed not wanting to go inside of course we stayed outside. I sat on the tramp with her and my boys and just took it all in! All of them together playing, and laughing! To add to the joy was the fact that Makenzie WANTED to be there! She cared! She knows and was able to communicate exactly what she wanted! This is HUGE! AMAZING!

This evening I was able to go out and finish my shopping ALONE!!!! I love my kids but alone is nice every so often!!! Thanks Erica! Now all that is left would be wrapping! AHHHHHH! I always manage to get it done so I am sure that this year will be no different!

I have a CRAZY morning tomorrow and I am planing on taking the kids to a movie with a friend in the afternoon! Should be fun! I think it has been over 2 years since we have been to the movie theater! It should be a real treat!

Pray... Believe.... Prayer Works!!!


Taylors said...

She is adorable!! So good to see her little personality shining!

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