Sunday, December 13, 2009


Samples are a BAD thing. SAM's club always has some kind of sample in the store. Being that it was Sunday and a bit more then a week away from Christmas there were a lot of samples.

One Word.....Fudge

Yeah, try Chocolate Cheese Cake Fudge. Mmmmm!

I am pretty sure I could eat the whole pound that we came home with in one sitting! I do have some self control so I won't but I think I could!

I have not had to take any cold medicine today which is a wonderful thing! However, now my son is all stuffy! He needs to stay well so that I can go Christmas Shopping this week!

The boys are all going to a basketball game tomorrow night and are so excited! Hopefully I can convince Justin to tote my camera along and take some pictures. I know they will have a great guys night and tons of fun!!!

Makenzie had a wonderful day today. I sit here tonight and am so thankful for the last 4 months! She has grown and healed so much and we can just see so many things coming together in her little brain! As I was putting her to bed tonight and she started to throw her nightly tantrum I just couldn't help but to just stand in awe at how far she has really come! She is a little girl who doesn't want to go to bed, who doesn't want to be put down, who wants to read books, who loves to play games, who can eat, who can walk in her gait trainer, who can prop sit for a few minutes, who loves to ride roller coasters, who is happy and sad, who is scared of dogs and babies, who has friends at school, and who has the most contagious laugh I have ever heard, among many other things!

She is a true miracle! She is still healing! God is working! I still don't know why He has lead me down the path we have been with Makenzie in the past two and a half years but he is working! I will keep walking through his open doors. I know that his plan is big. I know that God's plan for my life and that of my childrens is and has been underway since the begening of each of our lives but I am starting to really feel peace that he does know best.

I saw that today when I found my daughter on the opposite side of the room I had layed her down in and under an end table . Yes, she rolled there all by herself and yes I did ask the boys who moved her. All of them told me that she did it herself!


Monday is here again! Hooray! I am nuts, I know! Monday is still my favorite day of the week! The next 2 weeks are bound to be crazy but it is all in the spirit of Christmas! Pray!


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