Saturday, December 26, 2009

Play Fest!

Today we had the after Christmas play fest! Lots of fun!!

We all played a bit of Rock band. Yes... even Makenzie! She thought it was great fun! I will have to get some video of it soon!

Makenzie also got to try out her new Geo Track Air Plane and sh did she ever love it! I had her speech therapist program the remote into her talker. We worked on activating it that way for a while. She did really good! She was so excited and just laughed and laughed! I am posting a video. What I am super excited about is that she is able to track the plane with her eyes all the way around, up, and down! Love it!!!

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The most wonderful thing about the last 2 days is that the boys have for the most part gotten along! Yeah God!

Tomorrow we will have Christmas round number 3! I just love it!!! Lots more food, family, and fun!!!

Monday we will start our intensive ABM session! I am so excited! I think this is going to be great for Makenzie! I have some fun stuff planned for the kids in between sessions and I think it will make for a perfect last week of winter break!

Please continue to pray for healing! I am tired! Christmas is over and now it is on to all of the stuff I have been putting of until after the holidays!!! (I know you all have done it too!) We have a big year coming up with lots of impending therapy plans! As we move into the last week of the year I am reminded how fast life passes by! How much we take for granted, and how loved we are by so many! 2010 is going to be GREAT!!!



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