Wednesday, December 23, 2009


it has been a LONG day!!!

It started early this morning when Makenzie woke me crying. I picked her up and she was tightly curled in a ball. I could not get her to straighten her legs at all. I rolled her over and changed her diaper, not an easy task when she is all curled up. She was unbelievably happy though and just looked at me smiling with a grimis every time I tried to move her left leg.

I moved on to rubbing her back and stretching out her hips and she loosened up a bit.

She had PT first thing this morning and I explained what was going on. She did a once over and started to massage Makenzie. She just melted. Then they started working on more functional stuff and Makenzie did ok. She took weight into her knees and hips and looked AMAZING in all fours.

She is still very sensitive and very tight. She will bend and straighten both legs just fine by herself but wants nothing to do with anyone doing it for her.

Her leg is not red or swollen and she used it great in therapy. It is her left leg which is on the same side as her button. The thought is still that it is her button! It NEEDS to be changed! All of the muscle movement in her legs affects the muscles in her stomach... right where the button is!

I called the hospital today and they are going to have anesthesiology call me next week to discuss her past history with anesthesia and decide if we are going to try a different agent, give a stronger pain med, or have better nursing to get us through the aftermath of Makenzie being put under for the procedure! Nothing is ever easy! LOL

We did make is to the movies today. We saw the new Chipmunk Movie. We went to a theater that serves food and had lunch while we watched! The most amazing thing was that Makenzie sat in her chair and watched the WHOLE movie, laughing in all of the right places!!!! I was amazed! She just amazes me! She loved it!

The boys fought pretty much all day.... well really for the last 5 days and I am barely holding on! I am telling you they could argue about ANY thing. I realize that sibling rivalry is normal but in my life nothing is normal! They may not have a brain injury but I so wish that I could take back all of the emotional stress that they have been under for the last 3 years! Makenzie is so not the only one that March 25th affected! I know kids are resilient and they have also learned a ton from all of this but I really need them to stop fighting! Please pray for this! Pray that God would reveal himself to me as to how I can better address this situation. (WWJD) I feel like I have tried everything but nothing seems to help or work.

Everyone is calm at the moment and getting ready to be put to bed so that I can finish wrapping presents tonight,so I am not up tomorrow night into the wee hours of the morning!

Please pray for healing to Makenzie's leg, stomach or whatever it is that is causing her pain and peace in our hearts this Christmas season!!!


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