Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My mom had her surgery today and did well. I talked to my dad while she was still in recovery and the surgeon said that it went well. He took 2 lymph nodes and the biopsy results should be back on that in a couple of days! Please don't stop praying!

I haven't heard from my dad again but I am going to assume that no news is good news. I know how hard times like this are and I don't want to add one more phone call. I remember those days! I felt so loved knowing everyone was thinking, praying and wanted to know what was going on but it was also overwhelming because there was so much going on!

So thank you for praying it means a lot! I don't know what I would do with out my mom! Keep praying!

My day was very similar to yesterday! BUSY!!!

Makenzie seems to be a ton less congested which is GREAT!!! Her tube site however is really bugging her! She was up last night about midnight for almost an hour just screaming in pain until the Motrin kicked in. I have given her round the clock pain killer and that seems to help. I have also cleaned it and put cream on it many times today. Please pray that this irritation goes away quickly!

Other then that Makenzie is happy and had a great day at school and did well in therapy!

I hope to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow as it is the last day I have to do this without kids before they are out of school for Christmas break. I highly doubt that it will happen but I will give it my best shot!

Believe...Prayer works!!!!


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