Saturday, December 19, 2009

Loose Ends

Ahhhhh... an almost clean house feels so good!!

I say almost because with 4 kids, no matter how hard you try it is NEVER all the way clean!

Our Christmas festivities start tomorrow. So today we spent a bit of time getting ready by cleaning the house. Makenzie hung out in her stander and got to watch. Lucky girl! LOL!!! When she couldn't take anymore of that the boys took turns playing with her so that I could finish. They love her so much!!!

Makenzie had a bit of therapy today and the boys got to go to the park with shoot some hoops! Kaleb came back super excited because he scored the last wining shot of the game! I was excited because I got to wrap some gifts while they were gone!!!

I just LOVE watching their faces light up when they have so much fun! I am also incredibly thankful for this great male role model! Next they are talking about finding a ropes course to try.... this after a day long marathon of Ninja Warrior! LOL

Makenzie's button is still bothering her. She has had same button in for about 6 months. This is about 3 months too long so at this point I am guessing that until we get a new one put in that it will continue to bother her. I have a hard time with this because in order to change it out she has to be put under. In the past this wasn't necessary but because she has become so much more aware and has so much more movement she wont sit still and crys, coughs, pukes, and holds her breath. The last time we tried was in June and we ended up leaving with the same button and coming back the following day to be put under. So now they wont even try without anesthesia!

As her mom I could push to try again but it comes down to one of to evils. The first choice is fighting with her and risking aspiration while she lays on her back crying and puking and 30 plus mins of radiation, The second choice is putting her under anesthesia with only 15 min of radiation, and over an hour of crying while she tries to wake up. Sucky!!! Not easy!

I am waiting on the rehab department to contact the anesthesiologist to see if we can't come up with a better plan. When we get this figured out and go in for the button change we will also be doing more phenol in her hamstrings and aductors. She needs it! It is amazing how well it worked! As it starts to wear off, I can see how loose it made her!

Off to pick up AGAIN!!! Switch out the laundry and make formula. Then there is a chance I may be able to crawl in bed!!!

Christmas time is here and the kids could not be more excited!!! I can't wait to see the innocent Christmas joy in my children's faces!! That is the best Christmas gift EVER!


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