Sunday, December 6, 2009

Long is an understatement when used to describe today!

I wont go into details because when you don't have anything nice to say it is just best not to say anything at all.... right?

It ended a bit better when Makenzie's therapists showed up with her boyfriend in tow to take the very cranky, bickering, boys ice skating. Have I told you how much I LOVE Makenzie's therapists! We were able to sit on peace and finish some business stuff.

It was so nice to see the sparkle in the boy's eyes when they got home! They had a great time! I just love to see them hang out with a good man! They are in such need of male role models! As hard as I try this is NOT something I can personally do for them!!!! LOVE IT!!!

When they got home guys night continued with a bit of PlayStation and a lesson on spinning a basket ball! So much fun!!! They had a great time and it just makes my heart sing to see them so happy! Next week they are going to go to a Basketball game and they are SOOOO excited! Thank You Steph and company!

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Makenzie had a hard time falling asleep tonight because I think she knew she was missing out on the action! When all settled down she was out like a light and so was I!!!! Now I am wide awake a 2am and wondering if tired is going to visit me again before I have to get up and start a new day! I sure hope so!

Well I guess it is off to watch and infomercial or 2! Maybe it will bore me to sleep but even if it doesn't at least I will learn how I can become a millionaire by next week or maybe I will find the perfect vacuum to deep clean my wood floors! HEHEHE! Oh wait I hope Joel is on with all of his SUPER positive, there is never a problem that should bring you down, views on life! Oh now that would be good! Maybe he can change my life in 30 minutes or less!


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