Saturday, December 12, 2009


Family and friends make for the perfect renewal of the spirit and mind despite being sick!

We had a great breakfast with my family this morning. Lots of food and even some more tree trimming!

I left the boys with my parents and went to Makenzie's ABM eval. It went really well. I am not sure that I fully have my head wrapped around this method but Makenzie loved it! Her hips felt amazing when we left and in a minute I will get to her arms while at lunch. He worked a lot with her body awareness and spacial awareness. The ABM method works a ton around lower back and trunk strength and awareness as that is were all movement comes from.

I think that we are going to do a couple sessions next week and then go 5 days the week after Christmas and see what happens.

Here is a link to the ABM site explaining the method and the benefits for Children with brain injury and CP.

Below is a VERY long video. I am posting it for those who are interested in this therapy. It is a case study done by Anat Baniel herself.

We then went over to check out a friends new place. Ok so not so new but the first time we have made it down there. We decided to go grab some lunch. We walked down to the mall in downtown and ended up at the Cheese Cake Factory. Yummy!!!!! We had a great lunch and a ton of laughs. While we were eating Makenzie sat in her chair. I looked over at her and she had her hand up on the table which was much higher then her. I asked her to put the other hand up and with a bit of prompting she got it up. So out came the iPhone and her barn yard apps. She put her hands on and off the table to play all while touching the screen several times with just her pointer finger! She even swiped the screen once! hmmmmm?

On our way back to the car we stopped at an outdoor market that was on the mall. We stopped in front of a shop that had big light up bouncy balls. Stephanie grabbed one and bounced it for Makenzie and she just started laughing! The gentleman behind the counter looked up and smiled. He then told us that she could have the ball! He said that her laugh was worth a million dollars and he wanted her to have it because she liked it so much! We stood there and played with the ball for a bit and thanked the man for such a great gift. For me the gift was more about how much Makenzie touched his heart then the ball itself! She tends to do that every where we go! Love my girl!!

Then it was back home, in the bath, and to bed! Busy day but very refreshing!!! I am going to cut this short tonight because all of the kids are now in bed and I am going to make formula and go to bed myself... way early tonight!!! I am tired! Pray for sleep!


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