Thursday, December 17, 2009

Driving Miss Daisy

Change is hard! Even when the end result could be amazing!

It is a long story and not really one for the world but pray that God's hand would be working in mighty ways. That he would show me the right way and that he would bless the outcome!

This morning we got up bright and early and took a scenic drive(that is a joke) an hour and a half north. I had a meeting to take a few tests and sign some papers. I don't talk much about driving because I don't do much driving. Why you ask?.... because Makenzie is not the best traveler. She has gotten a TON better over the last 3 years but there is still an envelope that I try not to push.... I WAY pushed it today!

She did great on the way there. Now on the way back....that is a whole different story! I spent the whole drive back with one hand in the back seat on her foot trying to break her extension, one hand on the steering wheel, one eye on the road and the other on her. Oh we sang lots of songs... really loud, and looked at every truck, bird, and cloud in the sky! Amazingly I did not have to pull to the side of the highway... which is very common place on longer trips so that i can pull her out of the car seat because she is screaming, coughing, gagging, holding her breath, and turning blue! Yes my princess does that!

We made it though and it was none too soon!!!!!

Makenzie is still VERY tight. I am thinking it is a result of her button being sore. It still seems to be very tender to the touch. Please pray for this! I have decided that I am going to give her Tylenol around the clock tomorrow and see if she is more comfortable and will loosen up a bit! Pray that it works and that her tube site will heal quickly!

My mom called tonight and I also received this e-mail from her:

Dear Family and Friends, I heard back from my doctor this afternoon who reported that my lymph nodes and the area surrounding the lump were clear of any cancer. Yea God!!! I have an appointment with an oncologist in early January to set up the radiation treatments. I am still sore and somewhat tired from the surgery, but am healing well and even walked a mile today with a friend.

Thank you for walking this difficult journey with us. We have grown and learned so much and our hearts have been uplifted by your care, support, acts of love and PRAYERS. We will never see life quite the same. You have been ""God with skin on "and been used by Him to demonstrate that "Perfect Love Casts Out Fear." We love and so appreciate you!!!

With hearts that are full,

I want to thank each and every one of you that has prayed for my mom! God answered our prayers!!!

I realized tonight that I haved not used my camera much this week. That's what crazy does to you!!! LOL! So here is a picture of my sleeping beauty!


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