Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am so tired of the cold! It hurts to be outside for just seconds! It makes me very thankful for my house and my heat! Right now is is -2 degrees! They are calling for a warm up over the next 4 days and I am so ready!!!

Makenzie had a another great day! She walked in her walker a good bit today and LOVES it! She thinks it is so funny when she hops and runs into stuff!! She was even turning the corning into the entry way today! I am not sure if it was an accident but I really don't care! I am so proud!

As I watched her this afternoon I remembered when we got that walker. She HATED it! I would put her in it and she would cry. Sometimes she would tolerate it for a short time and stand but never did she move. I remember just wondering why and if it would ever happen! I think back on my quest for a walker that would work and thinking if we just got the right one she would go! Now there is some truth to that as all walkers are different, Makenzie has a couple, all serve different purposes! She has come so far!

This morning Makenzie woke up with a very runny nose and it kept running all day. She doesn't have a fever and she was acting fine today. She was a bit tired at school but she did a great job eating her pudding at snack time!

I started to get a sore throat tonight. I am hoping that Makenzie doesn't have one but depending on how tonight goes I may be squeezing a doctors visit into our crazy day tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning is our big meeting! Please pray!

I am off to fold a mountain of laundry and then hit the hay! Pray for health!!! Pray for a laundry fairy... hehe just kidding! It would be nice though! Believe... Prayer Works!!!


Shauna Quintero said...

I hope you're talking about your pitch meeting for the new therapy center! I'll say some prayers for you and your partners. We're itching to be your first patient!

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