Friday, December 11, 2009

Anat Baniel Method

Still sick and draining! Yuck!

Eventful would describe today. It has just been one thing after another! All manageable stuff, just lots of busy work!

Makenzie had a make up OT session today and she did great! She even was able to show me a hand stand! WOW!!! She is doing so great with weight bearing into her arms! All fours is looking so much better and she is still activating tall kneel by herself a good bit!

She did great in PT too. She let her PT do a ton of stretching and all fours as well! I have been noticing that she is following directions really well. For instance, the one that most amazes me is when you tell her to relax she does. Her whole body just lets go and she relaxes! Now that is good! Her PT had her in what I call the sun bathing position and I would say Makeinze... relax and then take a big exaggerated breath letting out an AHHHHH sound. She responded several times by letting her body relax and letting out a big AHHHHHH! So cute and AMAZING!!! So proud of my smart girl!!!

We have another busy day tomorrow with family.

Makenzie also has an appointment in the early afternoon tomorrow to consult with a clinic here that does the Anat Baniel Method for Children, or ABM. I have read of several people using this method with their children so I thought I should check it out. Cool thing is, the consult and evaluation is FREE. We shall see.

Again pray for rest and that this cold goes away FAST! And as always for restoration and healing!


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