Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time Out!

Today we took a much needed Time Out!

I feel like I have been going none stop now for as long as I can remember and I blew the whistle today!

Makenzie and I didn't get out of our jammies until 5pm just in time to take a bath and get back into jammies again!

We had a great day! The boy's were generous and let me sleep until about 8am! I came downstairs to find the Christmas Tree and all of the decorations in the hallway! They were rip roaring ready to go and I was thankful I didn't have to lug all of the Christmas stuff up the stairs!

With Christmas Music on.....

We had cinnamon rolls and OJ for breakfast. Followed by hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and of course the first candy canes of the year!

Putting up the Christmas Tree was a ton of fun! I have decided that who ever invented the pre lit tree deserves some kind of serious award! The boys are getting so big! They are such a huge help and so much fun to watch! Makenzie thought her candy cane was GREAT and she just loved watching the tree go up! She helped put on a few ornaments and especially enjoyed all of the ones that played music.

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Then we put up the Nativity Scene and talked about each piece before we set each one in it's place! I just love the Christmas Story!

Well this year I decided since my oldest is 12 and I really haven't ever had "that" talk with him that I would explain exactly why the way Jesus came into this world was so special. About how it was so amazing that the "Virgin" Mary... with explanation of what that meant...could be pregnant! Yeah... horrified! Oh boy!

The rest of the day we just hung out! The boys played for a while with some friends and then we watched a movie and just cuddled! Very nice!

Now my Time Out has come to an end and it is back to the grind! I feel refreshed for now and that is good!

Keep Praying!


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