Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ok I am now going to give all of you WAY to much information......

Makenzie pooped 3...count em ....3 times today!!!!

I tried everything but go ole Miralax did the trick!!! So in efforts to get her fully flushed out I gave her another full dose again tonight and hope that we can get to a maintenance dose tomorrow!

I have decided that it is pretty sad when you jump for joy because you smell a dirty diaper! However, it was the highlight of my day! Oh the things you take for granted!

Makenzie has been doing well with eating! We are up to 6 scoops of Nutra and almost 4oz, per feeding, three times a day!

To put this in perspective, I received an e-mail from the dietitian today. In order to get her completely off of the tube feeding for food purposes she needs 25 scoops of Nutra... she is getting 18 right now. She needs 8 1/4 tablespoons of infant cereal. Currently she is getting 6 Tbls. Canned baby food... she needs 25 teaspoons of canned baby food... currently she is getting about 24 teaspoons! WOW!!!! All in a matter of 10 days! God is GOOD!!!

She has however been giving me a bit of grief about eating the last 3 days. Not really into it. It has taken a bit longer but we have made it through! It could be because she hasn't had a good BM for several days. I know that would squash my appetite!

This morning we finished our last bite of breakfast as her PT was getting to the house. After she worked with her for about 45 min I asked if she had noticed any physical signs or behavior that would indicate that Makenzie's tummy hurt. She said no and then pointed out that Makenzie was laying completely relaxed over the ball. If her belly hurt she would defiantly not have been doing that.

So long story short, I think I am dealing with a behaviour issue! Yes, I said it...Makenzie is acting like a 4 year old! My princess doesn't WANT to eat, not that she CAN'T. So I have been patiently pushing her through it. She is still swallowing beautifully, she is not having any troubles keeping it in minus a few spit ups here and there, and now she is pooping!

She is so close I can almost taste her success and man am I excited! Please continue to pray for continued improvement!

Pray for healing! Pray that on Monday when my mom goes in for her MRI there will be NO cancer cells! Pray for a MIRACLE!



ferfischer said...

Yay for poo! We struggle with poo constantly as well. I'm so impressed with how well she's eating - and sometimes - my kids never want to eat - typical 4 year olds!

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