Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank You!

Thanksgiving is here.... again! It seems like this year has just flown by! In the blink of an eye will be Christmas! Scary!!!

I have so much to be thankful for! I could write a list a mile long but I won't bore you!

I have learned this year that focusing on everything you don't have will make you miserable,but having a thankful heart for what you do have will bring peace and happiness! Now being the human that I am it is not always easy or even possible but I am trying!

Over the past 2 years I have grown to love a very beautiful perfect little girl named Makenzie. I say "grown" because I had to get to know her all over again after her accident!

Now I suppose everyone would understand if I was still angry, bitter, and sad for what I lost. For the most part I am not!

Yes, there are days that I day dream about my daughter and I driving to the spa! I can see the excitement through the sparkle in her eyes! I envision the conversation that would in sue about what color she wanted to paint her nails. I would smile as she begged me for stars and hearts. I can almost hear her sweet little 4 year old voice when we got home, telling her brothers all about our day. I can see her giddy in her princess dress, and fake heels, with her pink and purple nails sporting hearts and glitter! Oh how I long for that day!


Today I am so thankful for many different things that make my heart sing just as much! Once again that would be the long list that could go on and on!

If I were to maybe give you just the top 3 it would start with how thankful I am for my God and the hope, peace, healing, grace, forgiveness, and blessing he has given to me.

Number two would be my kids and my extended family! They bring me so much joy!

Number three would be ALL of the other PEOPLE in my life! Yes ALL of you!

I am so excited to be having dinner with my family tomorrow! I can't wait to hear all about the annual football game at the park! I can't wait to talk, laugh, and eat some turkey dinner! I can't wait to see Makenzie eat her first Thanksgiving dinner with all of us since March 2007!



Anonymous said...

Once again you have taken the words and feelings right out of my mouth of course switching the girl stuff with boy stuff. Our hopes and dreams may differ from the "norm" for our children but never less important or monumentous!

Wishing you and your family a very blessed and Thankful Thanksgiving!

The Cherek Clan!

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