Thursday, November 5, 2009


The TOP 3 Reasons Why Makenzie Shouldn't Take a Nap:

1. She doesn't go to bed until 11:30pm
2. I sat in bed with her from 9pm-11:30pm while she laughed about hitting me in the face.
3. She didn't go to sleep until 11:30pm!

Oh man has it ever been a ride the last couple of days!

Yesterday Makenzie woke up feeling a bit warm. She was drooling a ton, and then she puked.

Off to the doctor we went .... AGAIN! Strep... AGAIN!

For most of the day she was just plain miserable. After some Motrin, ABX, decongestiant, zofron, and pedialite she seemed to be a bit more comfortable.

I got her to bed around 5:30pm and she was up at 8:30pm... more medicine. Back to bed about 10pm and back to sleep at about 11:30pm. Up again at 4am, more medicine and back to sleep about 5am. Up with the boys at 7am until now. I AM DELERIOUS!!!

Makenzie seems to be feeling much better! We had a good day snuggling on the couch.

I had to go out and run one errand and got home at 3:15pm. When I got home my blood began to boil as the boys had gone to a friends without coming home first. I drove over there and had a one sided conversation with the grandma that doesnt understand a lick of English. Not there. HMMMMM.

Ready for the funny part. Now before you judge me remember I have had very little sleep.

I didn't change the clock in my truck. Remember that little thing on Sunday (unless you live in AZ) called daylight savings time, yeah well... LOL! School hadn't even gotten out yet. I even drove by the school on the way home and wondered why the school bus was still there! GEEZ!!! Can you say sleep deprived!

As soon as I got home I laid Makenzie down for a nap. She doesn't typicaly get a nap but my son had a concert at school tonight and there was no way my sick, usually in bed at 6, didn't sleep well last night, little girl, was going to make it through a 7pm concert without some sleep.

Sleep she did!

I woke her up at 6 and we head to a great orcestra concert! My kids are so blessed to go to a school that still offers music! Zach did GREAT and they sounded realy good considering they all just started playing at the beginig of the year! Good job son!

I remebered the camera but not the SD card, so this picture is from my phone... no I am not tired! Just sleep walking!

So that leaves me to right now. I just got done putting Makenzie to bed. It is 11:45pm! I started at 9pm! Makenzie took great pride in being able to get her hand to my mouth where I could not resist but to kiss it! It was really quite amazing the way she was so freely moving her arms!

I now get to go clean my house, as I have a meeting here tomorrow, and then crawl in bed and hope I can get some sleep tonight. Not looking real good at this point but it is certanily wishful thinking!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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