Monday, November 2, 2009

School Bells

I am so glad that today was Monday!

It was a long Fall Break. Between Zach's finger, strep, boredom, extra house work, lack of motivation, a birthday party, and Halloween I was ready for the kids to go back to school!

Mondays are still my favorite day of the week!

Makenzie had a good first day back to school. We have a busy week at school starting with a Augmentative Communication evaluation by the school district tomorrow. I am excited but reserved as this has now been in the works for over a year! I am praying that I can have a change in attitude before the meeting and also be able to communicate to this team how smart Makenzie is and how much she truly needs all they have to offer plus some.

Then on Friday we have an IEP meeting. Oh, do we still have a lot to talk about!

With that said I do need to say how much I love all of Makenzie's teachers, aids, and specialists! They have made school fun for Makenzie and have worked really hard to make preschool work for her. Makenzie loves them too and I look forward to bringing here there every day!

When we started the school adventure last year I had no clue what I was getting myself into but over the past year or so I have learned a lot. Some really good stuff and some really frustrating.

The biggest thing that I have learned is that the classroom staff is usually not at fault when there are problems.

Imagine being a teacher. You go to college. You learn how to run a classroom, paint, color, sing, read, among many other things that are just a tad less fun! LOL. You start teaching and have some kids with special needs but most are fairly functional. Then one year a little girl rolls through the door. She can not walk, talk, eat, color, paint, sing, build blocks, or do anything by herself for that matter. Then, is short, the mother looks at you and says integrate her... oh and by the way here is her pile of know what to do with it right?! What do you do?

What I do know is that Makenzie is not the fist child with CP to to roll through this school district's door nor will she be the last! So why do I feel like she is. Why do I feel like I sould be paid to be an aide by the school district. Why do I feel like I am re inventing the wheel. Once again this is not for lack of effort on the teachers part. I love them but they can not be expected to do something they have no training or education to undertake.

The population of kiddo's with needs this significant is incomparable to the "normal" population of children served.

So who then IS responsible for serving the best interests of this incredibly small population of children. Who makes sure that teachers, aides, and even the specialists are trained before your child shows up to school or soon after? Who makes sure that these children get proper seating and positioning, safe health plans, communication evals and devises, and functional integration with their peers. HMMMMMM...Up until no that would be me!...I am still not sure but I will be sure to let you know when I figure it out! Maybe the district will enlighten me on Friday!

Please pray for there to be some answers this week. Pray that they will listen to me and her therapists on what is in her best interest. Please pray that we can cut through the red tape and get past all of the politics! Please pray that Makenzie's teachers know how much I value what they do and that this is not about them but that we still have a LONG way to go!

I am not sure how this post turned into such a rant. That was not my intention but I am not starting over! LOL!!! This is what is real. This is life! And well this is my blog! LOL!!

Please keep praying! Believe... Prayer Works!


ferfischer said...

Monday is my favorite day too. By FAR. And I would bet you a million dollars that YOU are the person responsible for those things. But you're already used to it, so you'll be a pro!

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