Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Read to Me

Another Amazing day!

Makenzie was such a trooper! We started the morning early with Speech, followed by OT, then PT, then Feeding therapy and finally and hour of school! Only to come home and EAT DINNER, take a bath, and off to bed!!

Speech went GREAT! A while back I bought some books and I had her therapist put some words in the talker so that she could participate in reading them. So her words are, read to me, lift the flap, turn the page, and the end. She LOVED it! Below is a video of her asking to be read to and to turn the page! AMAZING!!!

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OT and PT also went well!!! She is doing some AMAZING stuff!!!! Her rolling is so much better, she is using her extent ion a ton better, pushing up prone on elbows and hands... and the list goes on and on!!!!

Feeding therapy also went WONDERFUL! We just started this today with a therapist that worked with Makenzie about a year ago. I called her when Makenzie started eating and asked if she would have time to come and work with Makenzie again. She was able to fit her into her schedule once a week and I couldn't be happier!

The last time this therapist saw Makenzie was right before we went to Costa Rica! When she walked through the door the first thing she said is "she looks like a different kid!" She mentioned how much better her tone was. How nice her head control was and how great her hands looked! Then we moved on to the business of eating! Maknezie did great and her therapist was SO thrilled!!!

Today was AMAZING!!! God is oh so good! Thank You Jesus! I am so proud of my princess!!!

I did get a call tonight from our home health care company tonight about the shipment of Makenzies supplement. They told me it would be here tomorrow and the message they left tonight said that it was drop shipped and would not be in until Monday or Tuesday! AHHHHH!! I may have enough to make it through tomorrow!

We have cut her tube feeds and changed her whole feeding schedule! She is doing great so this momma bear has a lot to do tomorrow to locate more food for Makenzie as this is not something that can be bought at Target! I have a call into her dietitian to see if we can get some from the local rep, or maybe a pharmacy downtown but where ever I get it from it needs to be here before I go to bed tomorrow night! Please Pray!!!!

Also send up an extra prayer or 3 for my mom as she is having some medical issues right now! Pray for healing and peace!

Continue to pray for health, healing and continued improvement with eating! God is GOOD! Believe with me!


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