Saturday, November 7, 2009

On the Mend!

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A little peice of heavan!!

It has been BEAUTIFUL here!!! The last 3 days have been in the 70's! I am a bit confused as it is November but not complaining that's for sure!

It was just Makenzie and I this morning so I decided to take advantage of the weather and take a walk. We walked over to the library and sat in on a story time, looked at some other books, and stopped by a resource fair.

I made it to one table and my social skills took over! I met a couple of moms that also have children with special needs and we talked for a long while! That was the only table I made it to.. oh well! Love it!

The last couple of weeks I have made contact with a bunch of new friends. I know that you are all probably tired of hearing about it but it really is a huge help and support to me! To be able to pick up the phone and be able to talk to someone that understands without explanation, makes some days take a total turn around. Thank You all so much! Also, ALL of your comments mean so much! I love opening up my e-mail to find words of love and encouragement! If you have a minute let me know you were here! Leave a comment! If you don't have a google account you can leave it as anonymous just sign your name at the bottom.

Makenzie did really well with her eating today! She ate 2 times as I decided that I didn't want to push to hard after being so sick. I am so proud of her!

We watched a little LSU and Alabama Football, played on the floor, and did a bit more cuddling! Makenzie did a really good job of rolling and she also sat independently for a good while as well! God's healing never stops amazing me!

Sunday will not be a day for rest but it will be a day for family. Please keep praying for restoration and health! Believe!

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