Monday, November 9, 2009

Life's Journeys

I am a blog-a haulic. Not just in the since that I like to write but I also like read! There is a lot of information out there. A lot of laughs to be had, but also a lot of tears to cry.

Life is hard. Today, as I shed tears for a little boy that lost his life to a mitochondrial disorder, I also rejoiced with another family whose little boy's heart has been cured after flat lining in the ER! Long and painful journey's with different outcomes.

I do not know these people...I feel like I do.... but I do know a similar journey!

I know a journey of grief, loss, exhaustion, pain, frustration, injustice and fear. I also know the journey of overwhelming love, hope, excitement, grace, joy, unending support, blessings, miracles, and healing!

The latter of the above is what I choose to cling to! All of my children have brought me so much joy. I knew that having children would not come without risk. I knew that bad things could happen... just not to me! Well that has turned out to be the biggest delusion I think I have ever had.

A lot of things that I thought could never happen to me, have, in the past 10 years. Yet, I am still standing, stronger then ever. I have more love in my heart for my God and my family. I have a compassion for the hurting like I never thought possible. I have the determination to do what needs to be done like never before... unless you are talking about house work LOL! I feel God and I can see him everyday in my daughters eyes!

This has been a crazy couple of years but it has been the most blessed couple of years in my whole life! I feel a since of purpose. I have big plans. I want to make a difference. Makenzie's story is far from over!

Speaking of Makenzie's story.... today was a VERY good day! I was able to get 6 oz of food into her today! WOW! That is the most EVER!

She also had a great time at school! She started to make a place mat for thanksgiving dinner and of course her hand will be the turkey. That is easier said then done when your child like to fist her hand especially when you put something in or on it. However, we got a WHOLE< PERFECT, hand print for her mat!

Then it was onto playing with a ball and bubbles. They have a simple talker in the classroom that has 2 choices on it. This board is raised and Makenzie was LIFTING her hands to push the buttons! AMAZING!!!

Then she picked ball so we gave her one. I placed her hand on the top and guess what.... she pushed it across the table! Over and over again she did this just giggling away... so proud! After a bit we started to roll it to her and she would pick her hand up by herself and put it on the ball and push it!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW WOW!!! I didn't get a video of her putting her hands on the ball by herself but ask her teachers.... she really did it! LOL!

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Makenzie is doing AMAZING!!! With all of this talk about stem cells and so much improvement I am now being driven nuts by having to wait another 6 months! It is all in God's timing though and I will trust in that!

I wanted to post a video... (I could not embed it but if you click the link it will redirect you there)... a close friend of mine had done about their sons journey! This family is amazing. They are planning to embark on the journey to Costa Rica for stem cell therapy in the next few months. Please say an extra prayer for Sam and his family!

Sam's Swing

Believe, Prayer Works!!!!


Reed Family said...

Sometimes it's hard being in California, so far away from family and friends. I'm okay with that though because everytime I read your blog I feel like you're still right there with me. :) Sometimes they make me cry, but usually Makenzie makes me laugh. Miss you guys so much. Thanks for all the great posts!

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