Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lauguage Barrier

A lesson on germs by the nurse at Makenzie's School!

Have you ever been in a place where you didn't understand the language being spoken? I have been there a few times in my life.

Hard. It makes me laugh to think about standing in the Subway trying to order a sandwich in Costa Rica.

I bring this up only because sometimes I feel like I am talking in a language most don't understand. I am living a life that even most of the people closest to me will never get.

I have had the privilege of talking to several people over the last couple of weeks that also have children with similar needs. It is amazing how this issue comes up so often. I have not yet met a family that feels understood by the world, family, schools, doctors, friends, or therapists.

I'm glad to say that we've met. But, I'm sad to say that the circumstances weren't on our side." Blue October

I am so grateful that we have all met. I am so glad for the connections that we share. I love all of these beautiful people. I love to see how there story has and continues to touch people just as Makenzie has touched so many!

Now as much as I love these people. I would take back March 25th 2007 in one half of a second without turning around one time. However, I can't so this is a non issue! You all are stuck with me!

Today at Makenzie's evaluation I also felt like I was speaking in a different language. I hit the doors to the conference room and I somewhat shut down. Why? Every time we do this stuff I usually have to rehash many things that have happened in the last 2 years. I know that this is important information but it is painful and it gets old repeating it over and over. I also have to watch and listen to ideas that I know will not work. I know that they need to understad why, and seeing is believing, so I just sit back and watch.

I am not sure these people know what to make of this. I feel in that moment that I could either just crawl under the table and cry or stand on the chair and just start yelling out of shear frustration. So I find a place in the middle and try to stay there.

I don't not think the frustration is anything that any one person is bringing on but instead the whole process. I despise all of this! I know it needs to be done for Makenzie and I would walk on water for my princess. I will never stop advocating for her! NEVER!!

EVERYONE on her team showed up for this evaluation which was GREAT! They organized extra help for the class room and each and every member of her team sat through the whole thing! THANK YOU! That means a ton to me! I could tell that the concept was very intriguing to them and I am sure a very different language to them as well! I could see the wheels turning as I am not sure any of them truly knew how many options there where for Makenzie to communicate.

It will be a long road and a huge learning curve for everyone but I believe that this group of teachers is committed to helping Makenzie and are willing to learn! Very exciting!!

They sent home a talker with me and tomorrow during therapy Makenzie's speech therapist will put her settings onto it so that we can use it in the classroom. We will have access to this talker until around Thanksgiving and hopefully Makenzie's talker will be here by then. Pray that the insurance company approves this quickly! That is all we are waiting on before they will ship it out!

Over all I think the meeting went well. Thanks for all of the prayers! Keep praying!


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