Friday, November 20, 2009


Watching grass grow. Have you ever done it? Well even if you haven't I am sure you know that it grows VERY slowly! In fact I don't think it is even possible to see in real time!

Sometimes I compare Makenzie's healing to watching grass grow! She is healing. She is growing. Sometimes as her mom, who is with her 24 hours a day, I don't see everything. I feel like I miss some of the everyday miracles.

I am sure you all are a bit tired of the daily "Makenzie is still eating" reports but this is huge and it happened FAST! No grass growing in real time here! This is more like watching the fast motion version on the Discovery channel. To me it is AMAZING!

I spoke with the dietitian this afternoon and gave her an update on Makenzie. She told me that I could cut out another 4 oz of tube feeds. This means we are now over halfway in 4 days! I also put her on the scale and she has gained a pound since last week! WOW!!!

The new problem is that she has not had a BM in over 2 days! I have tried a RX stool softener that didn't seam to work, I put her in her stander hoping she would go. No can do. Tonight I resorted to the glycerin both in her tube and ...well you know!! I hope this resolves itself by the morning! So as silly as it may sound please pray for poop! Pray that Makenzie body can adjust quickly to this new food and that this problem will not persist!

I have had many people ask me if I think that her new ability to eat is a result of the stem cells. My answer to that is most defiantly YES! We have worked so hard for over 2 years to get her to eat and NEVER have we gotten any kind of volume in her EVER! Nor have we made much progress in the past with her oral motor or aversion. She loves to lick things and has taken several bites after which she would get tired, gag, cough, and usually vomit!

When we went to Costa Rica they told us that it may take 3 months for us to see improvement and at almost EXACTLY 3 months Makenzie began to eat! I waited for the other shoe to drop as the few times she has showed interest, she has lost it shortly there after when the issue has been pressed.

The one thing that has not been revealed to me is why stem cells?

I know that my God doesn't need stem cells to heal Makenzie. I know that at this very second he could reach down and touch her, allowing her to stand up, walk, talk and have complete restoration. But that is NOT Makenzie's story.

I know God has a plan! There is a reason. What ever it is, to God be all the GLORY!!! One day I hope he will reveal to me the work he is doing through the Stem Cells. Not only in Makenzie but in everyone she has touched and will continue to touch!

One day it will be clear to me why he used Stem Cells to bring healing to Princess Makenzie. For today I will just have to be ok with not knowing and continue to follow God's leading on this journey we call life!


mary clendinning said...

Pam, we are little past three months for Mark since Costa Rica and are still waiting for some sign of healing. We don't understand stem cells, MS, or God's plan for him, but we pray daily for his healing.

Hooray for Makenzie!!

Mary Clendinning

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