Thursday, November 12, 2009

Forget It!

Well we made it through another day.

The boys have just gone to bed because there is no school tomorrow for conferences. I would not be the mother who totally spaced out 2 of my kids conference on 2 different days non the less. Nor would I be the mom that totally forgot that they didn't have school tomorrow.

Normally this wouldn't be a big deal other then that I have a training lab at my work in the morning and didn't find a sitter because well..... I FORGOT!

Other things I have forgotten this week.... my son had a field trip today and needed a packed lunch. Remedy? Sonic Chicken poppers and tots to the school by 9 am! Oh and I forgot to call Makenzie's therapist to tell her that we were going to miss therapy again tomorrow! I forgot to e-mail a friend from church back to find a time for her small group to bring us some dinners. I forgot to e-mail ICM with some questions I have about our next SCT and I am sure some other things that I forget that I forgot I needed to do! AHHHHHH!!! HMMMMMMMM I think I need a household manager!

I want a break!

I did however get something new in the mail today and am so excited! I ordered a sample of a new product from neocate that I hope Makenzie will like. It is a very high calorie, semi solid food supplement. In about 4 oz there is 175 calories. It also contains a ton of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat! I fed it to Makenzie this evening and she ate 2 oz ish which means she got over 80 calories by mouth!!!! WOW!!! It is a very smooth, some what thick consistency, and she seemed to like it alright! We will try it again in the morning!

I have also started to switch her over to a higher calorie formula and she seems to be doing ok with it! This will help lessen the amount of time she needs to be fed at night so that she can be hungry sooner in the day!

I contacted Makenzie's GI doctor for some insight on this and his earliest appointment was the beginning of Jan. HMMMMM. I talked to the nurse and the best she said she could do was the middle of Dec. Still not going to work! I am frustrated with this as I really do like this doctor and if it was an emergency I could get in to see him tomorrow but since it is not I just can't seem to get in. This will not wait until then! Makenzie is doing so well NOW and I feel I need to get started on the next step before to long! So I guess I will figure it out on my own!!! Been there, done that in the past, so I guess it will be just fine!

I did get to bed early last night but it was a lost cause as Makenzie decided that 5:30am would be a great time to get up this morning, so my extra sleep I thought I would get just didn't happen!

I am going to try again tonight. Then get up in the morning and try to find a sitter at the extreme last minute. I am sure none of my friends or family would appreciate a call at 11pm!!! Pray that I get this worked out! Believe!


Mrs. Dan said...

I love you Pam. You are so real. Good luck!

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