Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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Did you know that if you were to go to Costa Rica in April from here that you could get a ticket for $296.00. This flight would fly through Dallas before arriving in Costa Rica. However if you lived in the South and wanted to drive to Dallas, catch the same flight to Costa Rica on the same day straight through, it would cost you $700. Now how much since does that make? NONE!!!

Here's an even funnier scenario. You could fly from Baton Rouge, LA to here through Dallas,leave the next day for Costa Rica, fly back through Dallas, stay in Costa Rica for 7 days, then to do the same on the way home, laying over in Dallas 4 times and hundreds of extra miles in the air and that it would still be CHEAPER! WHAT?!!!!

As I sat on the phone with a friend trying to figure out the cheapest way for them to get to ICM in Costa Rica we laughed so hard my stomach hurt! If you were able to follow the above you should be laughing right now too!

Also if you understood the last 2 paragraphs you would have gotten that we are planning on going back to Costa Rica in April, God willing!!! We (Makenzie's therapists, doctors, and I) have seen so many good things in the last 3 months and the fact that Makenzie all of the sudden started eating after 2.5 years of wanting NOTHING to do with it, just solidified the whole thing! I am going to trust that God will provide!

"Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him."
(Matthew 6:8, NKJV)

The group of friends that I have mentioned many times in the past are all going to try to go together! What a blast that will be! Some for the first time and others for the 2nd or 3rd round! It will be an American Invasion of 4 years olds! (and their mommies and daddies of course!)

On another note,I am still in shock about both of our appointments yesterday! I am giddy! I feel like a child that asked for a car on their 16th birthday and got it!

I have been asking God for this healing in Makenzie for a LONG time and for whatever reason God waited two and a half years, lead us to Costa Rica, and tonight I can SEE God very clearly! I asked for something VERY specific and he answered! I really can't even put into words how amazed I am at the healing power of our Lord!

Please continue to pray that Makenzie continues to improve with eating! Again pray that she starts taking in more food...we are up to 2.75 oz at a time, that she isn't burning a ton of calories while eating, and also that he stomach expands so that she can hold the food down! So far so good on that one with just a bit of spit up and reflux! Thanks You all for your prayers! KEEP PRAYING! GOD IS LISTENING!!!

Believe...Prayer Works!

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