Friday, November 6, 2009

Cuddle Bug!

I am TIRED!!! It has been 3 very LONG days!!!

We had a good day today! We spent a lot of time cuddling. Makenzie is feeling much better. She was still a bit pale but smiling and happy most of the day. It is so cute when she isn't feeling well. She wants nothing to do with me putting her down. Every time I went to put her down on her little piece of heaven on the floor she would start to pout. If I even started to walk away the screaming started. Then when we cuddled she would just melt into my lap! Oh so nice!!!

She did eat once today and did well. I think she will be ready to get back to her schedule with that tomorrow! Pray for her to do well!

We also had our IEP meeting. It went well and there was a lot discussed. I will not bore you with all of the details but hopefully we have a good start on some new more complete goals for Makenzie as well as a better idea of some of the equipment that Makenzie needs to learn.

It was so great to hear everyone talk about how much Makenzie has improved since the year started! Go Makenzie! To God be all the GLORY!!!

We are seeing so many positive results from the stem cells! To you they may seem small but to me and I am sure Makenzie and all of her therapists and teachers they are huge!!! With that said we are looking into going back to Costa Rica in April or May. I have talked with a few people and it looks like there could be as many as 6 kids and their parents going at the same time! See I told you all you where stuck with me! I hope ICM and Costa Rica are ready for the American Invasion! The US Embassy could have a busy week! LOL!!!

Well I am going to go fall into bed! The boys are at their grandmas house tonight. I am hoping that Makenzie sleeps in and this mommy can catch some extra zzzzzzzz's

Believe... Prayer Works! PRAY!!!


Stacey (Luke's Mom) said...

I would love to know when you all are planning to go for more stem cells. Luke will be due again in April, so maybe I will join the party:)

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