Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whirl Wind!

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? That is where I am right now! It is nothing big bad and awful just all of the little things, new things, and things I have no control over that have me spinning!!!

I think what sparked this feeling is Makenzie eating! I am ecstatic that she is, but man did it ever add a ton to my plate!!

I heard back from the GI doctor and he had some REALLY great input! A lot of good input... maybe too much! LOL! Not really, but it is a lot to think about and implement! I still have a ton of questions but we are on track and I am so hopeful!

So add three to four 30 minute feedings on top of two and a half hours of therapy and two and a half hours of school, plus her stander, stretching and just time to be a kid and well .... get the point? So worth every minute!

I have been on the search for a good feeding therapist for a long time and now Makenzie NEEDS one NOW!!! We had a great OT that worked on feeding about a year ago but her availability was such that she could not continue to see Makenzie. I have contacted her again in hopes that we could make a time work and it is looking hopeful!! Please pray for this. Makenzie loved her and she loved and understood Makenzie. So whether this is the answer or whether God opens a different door pray that something will work out!

After a crazy afternoon my oldest decided to cut his finger open! Ok, so of course he didn't do it on purpose but after much deliberation and a call to the doctor it was decided that he would be fine until the morning when they could look at it in the office! I hope I made the right choice. Hard call! Never ending!

All is quiet in my house so I think I will head to bed so that I can have the strength to do it all over again tomorrow! Keep praying!


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