Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Fun Continues!

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Where to even start! It has been a crazy couple of days!

Sunday Zach cut open his finger. Monday he got stiches. Tuesday we were back to the doctor after he compained of a sore throat and a headache to confirm what this mommy already knew... he had strep throat. Then off to pick up a friend to have some much needed girl time.

After dinner, and most of a game of LIFE it was time to put the kids to bed and get on with the Girl Night. Yeah right!!!! Nice try! Nope Zach's finger looked bad and on the advise of the pediatritian we were off to the ER at 9:30pm!

Ok so that is not such an easy task when you have 3 other kids sleeping one of which is attached to a feeding pump and will not sleep anywhere other then her bed! Oh did I mention is was freezing cold and snowing!

First phone call.... grandma... can you come and watch the kids? Yep be there in 30 min....wait is is snowing...make that a bit longer. Second phone call PT...can you come sit with my sleeping kids so that I can get Zach to the ER because the doctor said he could loose his finger.... sure be right there! 10 minutes later off we go in the snow. Now don't forget this is my girls night.... uh huh...Girls night at the hospital in the ER!!!!

2 hours later we are home. Zach still has his finger and we are watching it very closley. GEEZ!!

I had an appointment at 9am this morning so I got to leave again in the snow. On the way home I picked up frozen pumpkins for the boys to carve. I came home to boys bouncing off the walls, Makenzie doing PT, my mom folding laundry, my dad shoveling the walks...yes, still snowing... my grandma cleaning the kitchen, my grandpa fixing the light fixture, and frozen pumpkins that the boys insisted we carve RIGHT NOW! I think I am developing a sensory disorder because at one point I just had to scream... JUST STOP!!!! However, my kitchen is clean, well was, my laundry is done, the walked WERE shoveled and my sons light is fixed! THANK YOU GOD FOR MY FAMILY!!!

After convinsing my boys that carving frozen pumkins would be really hard, they left me alone for a bit to decompress from the previous bout of sensory overload.

We made it through the pupmkin carving and they look great. I think my arm is going to fall off from scraping all of the guts out but the boys had a great time!!

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Makenzie ate 3 times today. Once during OT... oh yeah that happened this morning to... and two times this afternoon. She got down almost 4 ounces!!! HUGE! She is opening her mouth for every bite and her swallow is getting so quick! She is also closing her lips really well and keeping most of the food in her mouth! This is a huge improvemnt from even a weeks ago!

I was able to speek to her old OT yesterday and she said she would LOVE to start working with Makenzie again! I am so excited!!!! Now I am just waiting on a time and billing details and we are on our way!!! God is so good!!!

I believe that God lead us to Costa Rica, I believe God provided the means, I believe that God is allowing the Stem Cells to work in Makenzie! Thank You Jesus! One of the first things, other then the initial tone reduction and core strength we have also seen in Makenzie, my friend Jodie saw after taking her little boy, Charlie to Costa Rica was gut healing and eating...hmmmmmm....2 of the first things we have seen. To God be all the Glory! Stem Cells left in the umbilical cord are no accident!

I have been contacted by another family about going back to Costa Rica with them for their sons first treatment, in Febuary. I would LOVE to do that! If that is in God's plan, he will provide again!!!! Please pray over this!

Now that I have exhausted you with the crazyness of the last couple days of my life I am off to scrub the pumpkin guts off of nearly every surface of my kitchen. Have a great day! Believe... Prayer Works!!!

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Mrs. Dan said...

You know, Pam, I thought MY life was crazy. God has given you a special measure of grace and endurance.

As for CR, Julie was talking about that on Tuesday. You may want to talk to her.

In other news, we're moving. Yes, I'm serious. To Pittsburgh. Now we HAVE to coordinate intensives.

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