Monday, October 12, 2009

Adaptive World

We had a great Monday!!

It started out with PT. Makenzie did great! This PT hasn't seem Makenzie in a month and was very impressed with how well and easily she was getting into tall kneel and all fours! Gooo Makenzie!

We then headed out to Starbucks to meet with my Jr. High youth pastor's wife...mind you this is from back in 6Th,7Th, and 8Th grade! It was SOOOOO great to catch up and we had so much fun reminiscing about the good ole days! LOL!!! That youth group was really a GREAT part of my life. Not a great time in my life but the memories that I have around youth group are still very vivid of really great times!

I am pretty sure it has been about 10 years since I have seen or talked with her after their family moved out of state. Once again I think FaceBook is an awesome thing. FB is where we met again after all these years and how I knew she was in CO for a few days! I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with a good friend and someone who in hindsight really made a huge difference in who I am today! Thank you Janelle and Eric!

After that we headed to school. Makenzie was not terribly excited to be there today but warmed up after a bit. She did however give her teachers a run for their money today.

They had her sitting at a table painting with a pumpkin. I was sitting across the room and heard her begin to cough. Now as her mother I could tell this was going to be one of her scary, turn blue, gag and puke coughs. I shot up, ran across the room and pulled her out of her chair. Yep, her lips where blue and she was trying to cough so she could get the next breath in. I took her out of the room, hands above the head, gag, puke and then a great clearing cough and she was fine. They were not as fine. I was now covered in orange paint and black dye from the paper. The nurse who had run over relayed the message that there was no need to call 911 and then the questions poured in. "How did you know?" "does she do that a lot?", "what do you do when she does that?", "what do we do if that happens?" and the statements, "thank God you were here.", " you reacted so fast!". I put these in quotes but I am sure it is not exact. You get the point!

I am so glad that she did this today. Not because it doesn't scare me too or that I want to see her choke on her own spit, but it drives home the point that she needs eyes on her EVERY SECOND that she is at school! There needs to be a better plan in place in which these teachers can hold it together and get help if that is what needs to be done. They now ALL understand why I am scared to leave her. They now have more knowledge on what Makenzie needs!

Bless their one did anything wrong and I am extactic at the extreme care and concern the all showed for Makenzie during and after this. This is just one more example of the joys and fears of raising Makenzie!

This comes less then 24 hours after I posted about being ready to leave her and go out for a bit. Oh Man... 2 steps forward 5 steps back! It will happen one day!

On a positive note Makenzie did some great independent sitting durng circle time. She has been sitting alone at least 2 times for a couple minutes EVERY DAY! WOW!!!

Early this evening a gentleman from Adaptive AutoMobility brought over a rear entry, modified van for me to look at. It was nice, looked great, and still sat 7 people with tie downs for a wheelchair!!! Oh that would be so nice! It would make my life so much easier! I do still believe that God can heal Makenzie and she WILL walk but this is where we are today. Today my daughter doesn't walk and she is getting bigger. Today my body hurts. Today her wheelchair is HEAVY! Today I don't think that God would want me to hurt myself when there is way to prevent that. As for the future... I will be more then happy to trade a modified van in for a nice little compact car when there is no need for a wheelchair anymore!!!!

Tomorrow he is going to bring over a side entry van and a list of places that I may be able to get some funding through. Amazingly enough there is not a lot out there in the way of coverage or funding for this.

Now it is off to do the dishes and then to dreamland! Please keep praying!!!


Mrs. Dan said...

Good job teaching the school a lesson Miss Mckenzie. :)

Oh a van... that sounds sooooo nice! I hope you can get funding for it!

Caradie and Corbin said...

It's so awesome Makenzie is in the NAPA newsletter.

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