Saturday, October 17, 2009

Splish Splash

As I drove down the highway this morning to meet a friend at the rec center for a morning at the pool I had to giggle. This summer was so crazy that I can honestly say that I am pretty sure we didn't make it to the swimming pool one time! Now here we were going to the pool in October. Who says you can't swim in the winter?!!!

We had a great time! It was so warm and Makenzie never did end up getting cold which normally happens after about 10 mins!

There was 2 big three story water slides, a little slide, a lazy river with tubes, and a hot tub. Makenzie loved it all!!! I am pretty sure the slide was her favorite. We went over and over and over! She also thought that hanging onto the tube while going around the lazy river was awesome too! She just loves water and smiled and laughed the whole time we were there!

If only that was the end of our pool experience. Nope it is never just warm and fuzys! While there I think I was reprimanded at least 3 times for going down the slide with her and told she couldn't be in the hot tube at least twice. Yes I am naughty!

I want these people to look at my daughter's smile and hear her belly laugh before yelling at me for taking her down the slide. 3 times I explained to them that she could not go by her self. I explained to them that if it was safefor her I would be more then happy to allow her to go down all by herself. I had one lifeguard tell me that if it wasn't safe, she probably should not go down at all!!!! Once again look at her excitement at the bottom of the slide and tell me she souldn't go down the slide again! Then there is the hot word....therapeutic!!! Try explaining that to a 17 year old life guard...enough said.

This pool was PERFECT for Makenzie! If only I could go to this perfect pool and just be left alone to have fun with my kids! I am not trying to break the rules! There are so many things Makenzie can't do.... this was something she could do and by golly she loved it! So yes momma bear came out and overall we had a GREAT time!

We then headed to my friend's house and had a wonderful time watching a movie while the kids played! It was so nice to chat about life as her daughter also suffered brain damage from viral encephalitis, after getting the MMR vaccine. Our girls are about the same age. They are very different but a lot the same in so many ways.

We had a ton of laughs and the day was over way to fast!I hope we can do that again soon!

Tomorrow I hope to relax a bit! Not sure it is possible but I am going to try! I hope everyone has a great Sunday! Keep praying!


Anonymous said...

So happy to read that you a wonderful time doing "normal" things with your children. You got it right, if it makes your daughter happy, well then you break whatever rule you have to make her laugh, smile and live in the moment without a care in the world. I hope someday we can do the same thing w/ our son.

Lisa Cherek

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