Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sitting and Standing

Today was a good day.

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Therapy, more therapy, and school, followed by mommy therapy!

In PT and OT we worked a ton on her feet and getting more weight into them! She is doing better with this but she is stitt super sensitive to anything touching them! This started right after Stem Cells and the take now on it is that she has gotten more nerves in her feet and now we just need to work hard on desensitizing her little piggy toes!

She also did a good job standing against a bolster and really enjoyed some deep pressure!

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Off to school we went! We made it to school 3 times this week which I believe is a record! She did really well! The OT was there today. We are still in the process of training the school staff as we missed most of the beginning of the year because of NAPA.

I took her over to the carpet for circle time and handed her to the OT. I noticed that she was giving Makenzie a bit too much support so I stepped in to show her where to prompt her. As I skooched her hips back Makenzie put her right hand down on the floor. I let go completely and there she sat. All by herself. This did not surprise me as Makenzie has been doing so well with prop sitting but it sure did surprise her OT! She told me how amazed she was at how well Makenzie looked after returning from CA as She teared up!!!

I love her OT at the school! She has tried EVERYTHING! She has bent over backwards for her and I can tell that she truly does care for Makenzie and wants to help her to the nth degree!

She ended up sitting with a few prompts here and there mostly by herself for ALL 3 circle times today. She also did some good walking in the classroom and on the playground up the stairs to the slide! WHEE!!!!

Yesterday our awesome seating guy came and brought us a supine stander for Makenzie to try. It is not exactly what she needs but I have gotten very good at modifying not quite right to that will work just fine! Yes we have had some casualties in the process like the rabbit stander I returned in about 25 pieces and we could NEVER get Makenzie to tolerate it no mater what we tried! Sorry TD!!! LOL

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So today after school I began the modification to the new stander to make it work for Makenzie. I promised TD I would not tear it apart but I didn't have to!! LOL!

I took the foot plates of as they tend to more of a pain in the butt then they are worth. Then I placed her in the stander on her back instead of prone and added a few ace wraps to her knees and chest to compliment the already existing straps and up we went to almost 90 degrees! Now I was missing the tray because she is in the stander backwards. Rubbermaid Tubs work just fine as a tray! Whew!! She stood there laughing and watching Play With Me Sesame for 45 mins!! GOOO Makenzie!

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I just want to say thank you all of being here for us! Please keep praying! God is still listening! Believe!


..telicia.. said...

looks like she is doing so well! makenzie looks so happy in the pictures. good for her! :) you're such a good mama :)

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