Saturday, October 17, 2009

School Fun

After a long day of activity I sit here with four little boys laying on my floor sound asleep to the history channel, one big boy in bed and my princess also long ago in dream land. So peaceful!

Makenzie had PT today at the clinic for the first time since going to CA. We had a good visit. We did some stretching and then worked a lot on all fours. Her PT was very impressed that Makenzie went right into this position! She also commented on her tone and said she felt looser! Yeah!

This evening we broke bedtime rituals and went to the carnival at the boy's school. It was fun! I thing the highlight of the evening was eating cotton candy and getting to smear whip cream in some of their teachers faces! LOL! This however made Makenzie sad and we didn't get to watch for very long... what a sweet girl!!!

I ran into the boy's kindergarten teacher and we chatted for a bit. Ya see technically speaking Makenzie is supposed to start Kindergarten in the fall. I am not sure yet if this will happen but the conversation made me realize that even though it is only October I need to start researching what the options are. I know that the district tries to keep kids at their home school but is that the best place for Makenzie? The answer to that is ... I don't know!

So sometime before June I need to talk to the district about what our options for next year are. What is in Makenzie's best interest. I really would like to see her go to one more year of preschool but will they fund one more year?... who knows. What are the services Makenzie could receive from elementary school and how do they compare to what she gets in the preschool program. What schools are near us and how do they run their special ed departments. Is our home school really the best fit. Compare. contrast, compare, contrast, compare, contrast!!! Politics! So much fun but I refuse to end this year with uncertainty! Before school gets out this year there WILL be a plan! I will not take... we will talk about it later, during the summer, 1 week before school starts, anymore! So with that said I have a lot to do! Quite overwhelming actually!!

I know it will be fine! I trust that God will open doors and Makenzie will be in the perfect school next year!

I am not sure how a fun night at a school carnival turned into deep thoughts on Makenzie's future schooling issues!....oh well.... the beauty of blogging!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday! I am sure ours will be full of business!!!

Keep Praying!


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