Sunday, October 4, 2009


We did a whole lot of nothing today! I do not feel good at all! My boys are sick and I am just praying that Makenzie stays well! I am pretty sure none of my kids will be going to school in the morning which will make for another long day! Off to the doctor we all go!!!

I played/therapized Makenzie for a bit today and the most amazing thing happened! I got her in all fours with ease, head up , and smiling all by myself! She held her head up while I supported her hips and shoulders for about 5 min!!! We have been working on holding her head up in all four for SECONDS not MINUTES prior to Stem Cells and NAPA for over a year!! WOW!!!

I am going to leave it at that and go to bed with the hopes that I feel better in the morning!!! Please keep praying!


mary clendinning said...

Happy you're home with your boys. Hope and pray all are well soon. We followed Makenzie's daily progress at NAPA and will continue to watch your Posts. You are in our prayers.

Mary Clendinning

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