Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Place Like Home

Every time that I go out of town for therapy with Makenzie I can't help but think what it would be like to live in that state. With every place there are different reasons why I would love it and reasons why I would hate it!

Our first stop on our therapy journey was AZ. The first trip we made was in late May. I loved it! Awesome weather. Not to hot not to cold. The first thing I noticed as we embarked was the palm trees...those just don't exist here!!! After about one and a half weeks I met a woman and her son who would later become one of my BEST FRIENDS!! We spent hours laughing, crying and just plan venting while enjoying our extended stay at the glorious Ronald Mac Donald Resort and Spa!

The second time we landed there I remember the pilot welcoming us to Phoenix. Current temperature 116 degrees!!! Holy Cow. Then at night it still hovered around 100! I have NEVER been HOT in the dark!!! LOL! I remember getting in my car, calling my now best friend who had prolonged their therapy stay so that she could be in Phoenix when we returned and the first thing she said to me was...welcome to hell. She wasn't joking! HOT is an understatement. Then there was the monsoon season...in the desert... I think I missed that unit in school! So now it is 116 and humid. Ouch!!!

So my thoughts about AZ are mixed! Very nice in the winter, unbearable in the summer. My best friend is there, but there is no medicaid and very poor medical services for Makenzie.

Florida.... more palm trees, the BEAUTIFUL ocean, and new friends that will all ways have a very special place in my heart.

On the other side...WAY to humid, too many BUGS, and once again less then ideal services for Makenzie.

Costa Rica.... just plain beautiful and Stem cells are legal. Health care there is free and only takes 3 weeks to get into see a doctor when you are on you death bed. Wait.... I am pretty sure that is a negative. Also, if you are not careful looters try to steal your earthly possessions by slashing your tires, offering to help you and then stealing the shirt off your back! Just ask Makenzie's OT about that one! Costa Rica was a very relaxing vacation huh Steph? LOL!

California, Just plan wonderful. TONS of wonderful friends! However, not the same services Makenzie gets here other then the NAPA Center of course, but that is completely out of pocket so that doesn't count! I am also not sure how the middle class survive there! I sure couldn't!

So that brings me to the place we call home! 4 beautiful seasons. Not many bugs. No humidity, but most importantly my support system.

Starting with my wonderful family who has bent over backwards to help me stay a float in every way possible in life. Cleaning my house, taking care of the boys, making me dinners, helping financially, and supporting the treatment journey for Makenzie to just name a few.

Then there are her wonderful therapists. These few people have become a part of the above....my family! I see all of them 3-5 days a week. Call them and they offer their shoulder and advice. They bring understanding to a world that doesn't make since some days. They love and care so deeply for my family. They advocate for my princess and are completely enamored with my beautiful little girl! They are irreplaceable!

Additionally, there is Makenzie's team of doctors and the hospital most of them can be found in. It took me a VERY long time to pull together a group of doctors that believed in Makenzie's healing. Today her medical team is amazing!!!

On top of that is the fact that I get to be Makenzie's CNA. What a blessing. Without this we would be sunk!

I know that I could make any of these places home for our family and that we would have tons of love, support, and Makenzie would get what she needed but....

With ALL of that said my delusion about EVER moving away from here fades away! If I could take a few people and places and transplant them here I would but really...



Fighting Joey said...

Well eventually you will have to say goodbye to them all, BECAUSE Makenzie and Joey will live in CALIFORNIA after they are married. LOL!

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