Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Busy day!!! My baby boy turned 12 today!!! I am not sure where twelve years went but man did they fly by!!! Soon he will be driving and talking about going to college!!! Geez!!!

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As Makenzie and I were running around this afternoon getting Zach's party together we found ourselves in Makenzie's favorite parking lot! Yes, Makenzie has a favorite parking lot! My daughter LOVES speed bumps and this lot has a ton and they are BIG! We went over one on the way out and she laughed so hard I couldn't resist going out of my way to find more! So at 1pm I was driving around in circles in a parking lot with no other reason but to make my baby girl laugh! The things we will do to make our kids happy!

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Tomorrow we will finally get to start therapy again. YEAH!!! I think Makenzie will also be going back to school!!!

Below is something that a mother posted on face book. This mother lost her precious baby boy to cancer over a year ago. It is a bit long but it is SOOOOO worth it! You have to watch the whole thing as the end had me in TEARS! God is so good!

This week has been LONG! I am going to go try to clear a spot in my house so that we can have therapy here in the morning! I am frustrated, tired, and just plain overwhelmed! I have many loose ends hanging over my head. Things that need to be done if only there was enough time in my day! Please pray that I would be able to finish out this evening and move onto tomorrow with a clean slate, healthy kids, and a better attitude cause I am one grumpy momma right now! Pray!


PrayforNathan.org said...

Hi, my name is Marcela and we've never met but I've been following Makenzie's blog for a few weeks now. I am amazed with Makenzie's progress and am inspired by your dedication to her development! I've taken my son to NapaCenter and hope to take him again soon, and was reinspired by reading about Makenzie's progress at Napa. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I nominated you for Lemonade Award over at my son's blog:

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and energy in your journey with Makenzie!

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