Monday, October 5, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine will not be Nessasary!

So I took the crew to the doctors today and low and behold 3 have strep and 3 are being treated for H1N1! One being Makenzie! Geez!!!! She does not seem sick at all!!! A bit stuffy but other then that a totally happy little girl! Who knows! So I guess that means we will not be having therapy and not be going to school this week!!!

After our appointment we headed to the hospital to pick up our tamaflu Rx as this was the only place in the metro area that had the suspension that Makenzie needs. So 6 prescriptions and $130.00 later we are on our way to getting better!!!

On a better note, Makenzie continues to eat so well! She has eaten mac and cheese, oat meal, and some taco soup stuff! She loves it all and just smiles the whole time!!! So proud!!!

Once again I am exhausted! My house that was clean when I got home is now a disaster. It sucks to be sick! I have no energy! I just want to sit. I want to feel better!! I want the kids to feel better! I want life to go back to our normal! Pray for wellness! Pray for healing! Pray that this momma can get off her butt and do some house work before they condemn this place! LOL!! I need a maid, cook, driver, and nanny.... any volunteers?!! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! We love you all!


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